Sunday, July 15, 2012

Follow up to "What the frac"

As a quick follow up to my recent post "What the frac" about the hydraulic fracturing method of obtaining natural gas, Michael Brune, Executive Director of the Sierra Club, recently posted this blog post about the devastation of fracking.

We have seen and read my thoughts, but I still urge you to look at what Mr. Brune has said. I support the Sierra Club in many of their endeavors. They are passionate about conservation work, are very science-driven in all they do, and continually educate the public and update their methods to stay relevant. Mr. Brune presents great points about the fracking industry. I don't believe it is a perfect system by any means, but I do believe we need to continue with it so as to refine it and make it better. The US (let alone the world) is not at a place to simple stop fossil fuel based electric production, but we need to push for that. Energy independence, sadly, will only come if we push on with our current energy addiction, but try to ween ourselves off it and invest in technologies like wind, solar, geothermal, and more. Yes, the technology is out there. We just don't have it effective or cost-efficient enough to be mass produced for the average consumer. Light bulbs use to be really expensive, yet as we refined them they became more efficient and lower in price. That is what we need to ween the US off of fossil fuels and enjoy a clean, green energy future.

No one, regardless of political party, wants dirty air and water, littered streets, and all of our lands developed. There is a happy medium. Even President Obama doesn't want to stop all progress. Not all liberals are tree-huggers and not all conservatives are oil barons.

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