Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A plantable beer coaster...

This was hard to believe, but according to this Tree Hugger post, Molson Canadian (one of my favorite brews) has been making coasters that are infused with Black Spruce seeds. When you are done drinking your beer, simply plant the coaster in the ground and, ideally, the seeds should germinate from it. Now this is a great idea! Not only is Molson beginning to do their part to restore trees and forests, but they are hitting a market that you do not hear too much about in the environmental world.

What other sort of marketing plans have you heard of like this? This news was first released by pfsk, who linked to the following promotional video:

Just another great idea..simple, not costly, and reaches people that might not normally be reached. Not only does Molson brew a wonderful brew, but has now begun to do their part to give back. Remember, it's not about how big of an initiative you can do, but it's about being willing to step outside of your box and try something new to be Earth-friendly. Left or Right, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative....we all have a part to play. Regardless of the lines that you adhere to, there is no one that wants to see all of our forests cut down and lands destroyed. Everyone has a conservation ethic, a Land Ethic as Aldo Leopold put it so elequently. Do your part.

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